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Sutter Lab Sutter Professional Lab is Sutter Professional's training centre. Always keeping a keen eye on the problems in a society where technology is constantly evolving, Sutter believes that a large company's duty—today more than ever—cannot merely be met by producing and selling the product, but must necessarily be integrated with ongoing dialogue among the professional figures that interact in the industry through innovative tools. Over 3,000 professionals are trained each year in customised courses carried out not just at the training centres of Sutter Italy (Borghetto Borbera), Sutter Iberica (Madrid) and Sutter Argentina (Buenos Aires), but also at customer offices. Considering that human capital represents a major value in business development, Sutter Professional Lab works hard to constantly promote training, making learning innovative methods even more stimulating and interesting.
Sutter Tech Sutter Professional Tech is the technical service team created because of a need to standardise the work of the Sutter Professional technical personnel and convey a single image to distributors and customers at international level. It provides technical support in order to solve any problems connected with cleaning of floors and surfaces in general, warewashing and laundry. Sutter Professional Tech's prerogative is therefore to satisfy every technical need; to accomplish this, it relies on the skilful problem solving abilities and ongoing dialogue among its specialised technical personnel.

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