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A multinational with an Italian heart and the Swiss precision. For over 5 generations, it has manufactured and marketed products for the cleaning and the hygiene in households and professional environments. Headquarters and the main production unit are located in Italy, in Borghetto Borbera, in the province of Alessandria.

From an operational point of view, the company is structured in two business units:

  • the Professional Business Unit, known for its Sutter Professional brand, sells products for professional cleaning through a vast network of distributors. It operates in Spain, Portugal, France, Argentina, Chile and Brazil with its own subsidiaries and in other countries through agreements with local distributors. It is geared towards the users specialised in hotels, restaurants, canteens, offices, schools, supermarkets, hospitals, laundries and industries cleaning.
  • the Consumer Business Unit, known for its Emulsio brand, operates in the mass consumer market. It is geared toward consumers who regularly use the large-scale retail stores, specialised stores and retail dealers providing rapid and effective solutions to every day housecleaning issues.
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